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  • Fighting for the noble cause,
    Honoring Mother Nature's Laws,
    Conscience always guides the choice,
    Speak for those without a voice!
  • Honor, Truth, Courage, Fidelity, Discipline, Self-Reliance, Hospitality, Industriousness, and Perseverance.
  • Tarot, Divination, and More.
  • All flavors of Druidry.
  • A collage of acquired Truth, guided by Spirit.
  • The resource for all things Fae.
  • Into to the Natural, transported by elements, weaving wildly with the chaos; crossing veils to bring back Magickal Law and Order to this world.
  • It's a lottery. It may contain memes.
  • Ritual, Myth & Healing in 2020.
  • Apothecarian Arts.
  • We welcome readers from all Polytheistic spiritual paths and religions.

  • The Declaration of Independence is a PAGAN document, and our Constitution ensures our existence; and defends our HUMAN RIGHTS, and our right to choose, worship and celebrate our Goddesses and Gods.
  • All sorts.
  • Current issues in Shamanism.
  • Tradition, wisdom, healing.
  • "Non-Wiccan" Wisdom.
  • History and Religion.

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